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The way we travel has changed a lot the past year. Many people are currently not able to travel and are planning for their future trips once the pandemic is over. This might take a while, but many are looking at different options for their future trips.

At Emerson Zanzibar, we are ready to welcome your questions and are happy to assist with designing your itinerary to get a full experience of Zanzibar.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the latest information on travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania.  Covid-19 requirements for entry to Tanzania and Covid test when leaving Tanzania (including the new online booking system for Covid tests in Zanzibar).


Covid-19 Testing

The hotel can assist with making arrangements for the COVID-19 testing for the guests who require this on their departure from Zanzibar. The testing should be done 3 days prior to departure. Currently COVID-19 testing is done only in two locations in Zanzibar town: one is in a private hospital and one is at the Government testing facility.

Your hosts at Emerson Zanzibar can advise on the both options and provide assistance throughout the whole process with testing.


Relaxed Covid Test & Pickups

You could decide for example to fit any required Covid-19 testing into your itinerary to not miss out too much time during your holidays. Just make arrangements, by booking for a few nights in Stone Town with us and then spend two nights along the coast while waiting for your test results.

Upon the day of your flight, a driver can assist to collect your test results and bring you to the airport.


Safe Short & Longs Stays

Emerson Spice and Emerson on Hurumzi are open for service for overnight stays in our hotel rooms and visits to our restaurants.

Guests are welcome for short stays, as well as extended stays in our hotel rooms, as well as in our serviced apartments.

We are ready to host guests with safety protocols in place to ensure a comfortable and safe stay.

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Your Stay with Emerson Zanzibar

The health and safety of our guests and hotel staff is our priority. We have developed protocols to provide you with a safe stay in our hotels. These are in line with the Standard Operating Protocols for COVID-19 in the tourism industry for Zanzibar.

These protocols have been developed with the different stakeholders in the tourism industry, in collaboration with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health, and are based on the World Health Organization recommendations.

Stay Safe! We Really Care!

To read about these protocols and more details on covid travel guidelines download our detailed:

Travel Information document (PDF) here.

Covid-19 Travel Information Notes

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Please note these entry requirements for travellers to Tanzania:
–       All travelers, will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate upon arrival. The test should be based on Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) testing using sample collected within 72 hours before arrival to Tanzania.
–       All travelers are required to truthfully fill in an online Traveler’s Surveillance Form available at: within 24 hours before arrival to Tanzania. Due to existing technical problems of online Traveller’s Surveillance Form, all travellers to fill out the Traveller’s Surveillance Form manually before arrival to Zanzibar.
–       All travelers, whether foreigners or returning residents entering the United Republic of Tanzania, will be subjected to enhanced screening for COVID-19 infection. 

–      All travelers arriving from India, South Africa, Uganda, DRC Congo, United Kingdom (UK), United State of America (USA), Peru, Brazil, Philippines or Indonesia shall be subjected to rapid test at Point of Entry at a cost of USD 25. To skip long queues for manual payment upon arrival, book Rapid test for arrival and pay online (Mastercard/Visa) using the following link: NB: The list of countries will be updated based on WHO daily updates on COVID-19 variants.

Covid-19 Testing Information Notes for Airline travellers

Zanzibar Ministry of Health Travelers Protocol 26 June 2021

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For more updates on travel to Tanzania, please see the travel advisory of your home country.

Latest updates from the Tanzanian Government on entry requirements, can be found through the following link:

Please find here the Travel Advisory of 4 May 2021:

Letter from Tanzania Ministry of Health regarding entry requirements

Covid-19 Testing Information Notes for Airline travellers
Travel Advisory for Tanzania 4th of May 2021
Emerson Zanzibar CARES


NOTE:  The letter from the Ministry of Health indicates the testing facility is at Lumumba. Currently this testing facility is only used for Tanzanian citizens and residents. A special testing facility for foreign tourists is now located at Migombani area

Please see the details in the text.

Zanzibar Ministry of Health Covid Testing

Zanzibar Covid-19 Travel Requirements
Information on Covid Requirements for travelling to Zanzibar by the Ministry of Health
Emerson Zanzibar CARES


NOTE: The letter for travellers to or via the Netherlands from the Zanzibar Ministry of Health states that cash payment of the test is possible, please note that this has changed and only VISA card and bank deposits are possible as payment method.

Letter from Zanzibar Ministry of Health regarding Covid testing

Covid-19 Testing Information Notes for Airline travellers
Information for travel regarding Covid Testing
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NOTE: ALL Covid tests in Zanzibar have to be booked online now.

Document explaining Covid testing Procedure

Covid-19 Testing Procedures
Information for travel regarding Covid Testing
Emerson Zanzibar CARES


NOTE: It is now only possible to have a Covid test when you have an appointment and it should be booked through the official website. 

Zanzibar Covid Test Booking Website