17-30 July 2021
Celebrating Art, Culture, Cuisine,
Design, Film & Music
17 July 2021 - OPENING EVENT 4PM
at Emerson on Hurumzi
21-25 July 2021 - FILM AWARD
26 July 2021 - VISUAL ART AWARD

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Emerson Zanzibar Foundation launches new Visual Arts Award

Artists join Emerson Zanzibar to create a new award, inspiring local creativity

Last year during Covid Emerson Zanzibar started holding art exhibitions in a different way to how they had been done previously. These were in-depth and curated exhibitions, styled around a live interview with the artist. Everyone was welcomed in Emerson Zanzibar style – from the few, curious tourists to residents, to invited special guests – with fresh hibiscus juice, ginger tea, local snacks and sweets lovingly made by the hotel’s chef.    

A group of artists approached Emerson Zanzibar with the request to organise an exhibition with both established and young, upcoming artists – to provide an opportunity for well established artists to share their experiences and for the young a chance to show their work publicly.    

The group proposed to use Emerson Zanzibar as the theme of the exhibition. In a discussion it was agreed that this should also embrace the variety of cultural talents that make up Emerson Zanzibar. The idea grew from visual art, expanding to creativity in music, and a special dinner planned to share the creativity in gastronomy.    

Emerson Zanzibar is not just hotels and restaurants; since our doors opened, Emerson Zanzibar has been very closely connected to the creative sector. And so the theme became ‘All Things Emerson Zanzibar’.”

In March 2021, Emerson Zanzibar put out a call for all visual artists to participate in several workshops in preparation for this joint exhibition. Luba Roshchyna led these workshops and motivated the artists in the way leading up to their participation in the exhibition. To celebrate its initiation, the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation launched its very first Visual Arts Award, with the winner announced and award presentation in the week of the exhibition. Currently over 35 artists are participating in the monthly workshops leading up to the exhibition.

Click here for the Gallery of the Visual Arts Award participants, see their artistic style and read about them.

The Art Exhibition is curated by Luba Roshchyna

Art Exhibition Opens – 17 July at 4am (then daily 9am-4pm)

The opening of the art exhibition will take place on 17 July 2021 at 4pm and the exhibition will then be open for visitors, free entry, 9am-4pm daily until 30 July 2021, curated by Luba Roshchyna.

First Emerson Zanzibar Visual Arts Award – 26 July 2021

On Monday the 26th of July 2021, the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation will hand out its first Visual Arts Award (more details to follow).

Emerson Zanzibar Foundation Film Award (ZIFF) – 21-25 July

This year’s Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) will take place from 21 to 25 July in the Old Fort in Stone Town. As always, the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation will hand out the annual Film Award to support the creative development of an upcoming Zanzibari film maker.


Celebrating Art – Art Exhibition & Artists’ Stories

The Art Exhibition, opening on 17 July 2021 at 4pm will be free for visitors, 9am-4pm daily until 30 July 2021. On our Social Media channels and on our website we will be featuring each of the Visual Arts Award partcipants who will display their work at the exhibition.

Celebrating Cuisine Fund Raising Dinner

On Friday 30 July 2021, Emerson Zanzibar chefs will collaborate with guest chefs to prepare a special dinner to raise funds for the activities of the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation. It will be an evening of music too, with different artists sharing their talents.

Celebrating Music with Live Performances

On several nights, throughout All Things Emerson Zanzibar, live music will be performed in the Secret Garden at Emerson Spice, as well as in the Tea House restaurant at Emerson on Hurumzi. Numerous talented Zanzibari musicians will perform live, styles varying from traditional Taarab music to original fusion.

Celebrating Visual Arts – ZIFF Film Festival

This year’s Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) will take place from 21 to 25 July in the Old Fort in Stone Town. As always, the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation will hand out the annual Film Award to support the creative development of an upcoming Zanzibari film maker.

Stay Tuned for more details – #AllThingsEZ

Stay tuned for more information about All Things Emerson Zanzibar on our website and social media channels. We warmly invite you to join and celebrate with us, either with us in Zanzibar, or to stay connected here and follow the stories and the updates as they happen.

More about the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation

Emerson Zanzibar Foundation is a special fund for education and culture, which believes in Zanzibar, in Zanzibaris, and their potential to create a vibrant and self-sustaining future that uniquely reflects the rich history and cultural heritage of these islands.   

To that end a fund has been established to support individuals with exceptional talents in artistic and academic fields and to assist local organizations that preserve and enhance the culture of Zanzibar.     

The foundation is a nongovernmental organization, non-political, non–commercial, non- religious and non–profit making.    

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