Sharing experiences ahead of the exhibition

In the months preceding this exhibition, artists have participated in workshops with different themes. Luba Roshchyna led the workshops and brought together the artists for an opportunity to share their experiences and move a step further together as an artist community.

The Art Exhibition is curated by Luba Roshchyna

With well experienced artists and young and upcoming artists together the atmosphere was very ambitious, all looking forward to prepare artwork for a big exhibition to come.

A Step Further

In this exhibition we will see artists that are going a step further. With input of the artists and curator of the exhibition Luba Roshchyna, Emerson Zanzibar created a list of selection criteria for each artwork to be included in the exhibition, ensuring originality of conception, artistic and professional quality. This resulted in an exhibition of selected artworks, which reflect the best of the best currently in Zanzibar.

Having the exhibition open to all Zanzibar artists means that there are equal opportunities for the well experienced artists and the upcoming artists to take part in the exhibition. A fair chance for all Zanzibari artists to participate and especially for the young upcoming artists a fantastic opportunity to have their artworks finally seen and promoted.

Promoting Zanzibar and Promoting Unity 

The collaboration also reflects a huge step in terms of unity within the artist community in Zanzibar. All artists who participate share the aim to promote arts in Zanzibar in general and hope that it will be valued more by the wider community. The initiative offered a chance for everyone to give their ideas, a chance to participate in preparation workshops and a chance for everyone to have their artworks seen in this exhibition. All participants showed an eagerness to show their creativity and capabilities without competing with each other.

Art Exhibition Opens – 17 July at 4pm (then daily 9am-4pm)

The opening of the art exhibition will take place on 17 July 2021 at 4pm and the exhibition will then be open for visitors, free entry, 9am-4pm daily until 30 July 2021.  The exhibition will be curated by Luba Roshchyna.  

Find out more about the artists and exhibition here.

First Emerson Zanzibar Visual Arts Award – 26 July 2021

On Monday the 26th of July 2021, the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation will hand out its first Visual Arts Award (see here for more details).

Emerson Zanzibar Art Exhibition

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