I am an East African resident and proud of it – enjoying the stunning beauty of the continent

Zanzibar Exotic Boutique Hotel - the real deal!

It all started when I decided to take a break from my beach location in Zanzibar.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the never ending, stretches of white sand beach and turquoise blue ocean and breathtaking sunsets. 

But I wanted a weekend getaway that was going to be a lasting memory of the real Zanzibar Spice Island experience.  One that gave me authentic local cuisine, a glimpse into the history and rich culture.

So I booked a long weekend at Emerson on Hurumzi Hotel in Stone Town.  It boasted of a mysterious Secret Garden, Tea Ceremony and delicious culinary delights.  Not to mention the amazing rooms, that all have a story to tell, going back centuries.  

I read the gushing reviews on Facebook and of polite and attentive staff, reports of “1001 Arabian Nights” and visitors who kept returning to the hotel, year after year… 

But what really tweaked my interest was the generous, mind-blowing and wide-ranging charitable work that the Emerson Hotel, it’s founder Emerson Skeens and all its staff have done for the community in Zanzibar through the Emerson Foundation.

So my encounter with Emerson experience started…